Event Schedule

TimeSession Information
14:00 UTC
10:00am EDT
Opening Remarks
Mark Uraine
14:05 UTC
10:05am EDT
The Gutenberg Roadmap (+ Demo)
Matt Mullenweg
Matias Ventura
15:00 UTC
11:00am EDT
Case Study: Creating Atomic Blocks
Mike McAlister

Case Study: EditorsKit and Block Styling
Jeffrey Carandang

Case Study: Migrating from Short Codes to Blocks
K.Adam White
16:00 UTC
12:00pm EDT
Global Styles: What’s in the Works
Tammie Lister
17:00 UTC
1:00pm EDT
The Evolution of Extensibility in Gutenberg
Miguel Fonseca
Greg Ziolkowski
18:00 UTC
2:00pm EDT
Overhauling Blocks UI: Lessons Learned
Joen Asmussen
Pablo Honey

Long Break

TimeSession Information
22:00 UTC
6:00pm EDT
Extending the Block Editor with Tools & Styles
Rich Tabor
23:00 UTC
7:00pm EDT
Accessibility & Gutenberg: Keyboard-only Navigation
Enrique Sanchez
23:30 UTC
7:30pm EDT
Crafting Components with Storybook
Jon Q

How to Speed Up Development with Block Scaffolding
Greg Ziolkowski
0:00 UTC
8:00pm EDT
Case Studies: How to Prepare your Theme for Gutenberg
Bill Erickson
Ellen Bauer
Beth Soderberg
1:00 UTC
9:00pm EDT
Block-based Themes in a Full-Site Editing Experience
Ana Claudia Alfieri
2:00 UTC
10:00pm EDT
Make Unique Designs by Combining Blocks
Mel Choyce-Dwan
2:30 UTC
10:30pm EDT
Gutenberg Beyond the Block
Victor Ramirez
2:50 UTC
10:50pm EDT
Closing Remarks
Mark Uraine